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Hannibal Annotations – Œufs


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Will: “ night I leave the lights on in my little house. And ... walk across the flat fields. When I look back from a distance, the house is like a boat on the sea. It's really the only time I feel safe.”

In Thomas Harris’ introduction to Red Dragon he states that “In the fall of 1979, owing to an illness in my family, I returned home to the Mississippi Delta and remained there eighteen months. I was working on Red Dragon. My neighbor in the village of Rich kindly gave me the use of a shotgun house in the center of a vast cotton field, and there I worked, often at night.
Sometimes at night I would leave the lights on in my little house and walk across the flat fields.  When I looked back from a distance, the house looked like a boat at sea, and all around me the vast Delta night.”


Hannibal: “You stood in the breathing silence of Garret Jacob Hobbs’ home, the very spaces he moved through.”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 24
“Graham had tried hard to understand the Dragon. At times, in the breathing silence of the victims’ houses, the very spaces the Dragon had moved through tried to speak.


Hannibal: “You could sense his madness, like a bloodhound…”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 2
“Madness came into this house through that door into this kitchen, moving on size-eleven feet. Sitting in the dark, he sensed madness like a bloodhound sniffs a shirt.”


Will: “Sometimes I felt like we were doing the same things at different times of day like I was eating or showering or sleeping at the same time he was.”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 24
“Sometimes Graham felt close to him. A feeling he remembered from other investigations had settled over him in recent days: the taunting sense that he and the Dragon were doing the same things at various times of the day, that there were parallels in the quotidian details of their lives. Somewhere the Dragon was eating, or showering, or sleeping at the same time he did.”


Hannibal: “ were becoming him.”

From Red Dragon, where Francis Dolarhyde refers to his victims as “becoming” something other than themselves. He even refers to himself as he believes he is transforming into William Blake’s The Great Red Dragon.


Mother dies last

From Red Dragon
Francis Dolarhyde visits families in the middle of the night and slaughters them, leaving the mother for last. Of course, this is for a different reason, but similar in concept.

Mommy issues.


Hannibal examines a fish hook that Will is tying.

Fishing rods and hooks feature in the dénouement of Red Dragon and save Molly and Willy.


Hannibal: “Both my parents died when I was very young. The proverbial orphan until I was adopted by my Uncle Robertas when I was 16."

More detail in Hannibal Rising.

Bryan Fuller hopes David Bowie will play Uncle Robertas in Season 2.

Taty points out that Robertas is the Lithuanian equivalent of Robert, notably, Robertas Antinis and Robertas Antinis, Jr. are the names of famous father and son Lithuanian painters.


Will: “We were poor. I followed my father from the boatyards of Biloxi and Greenville, to lake boats on Eerie.”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 36
“Graham had been a poor child, following his father from the boatyards in Biloxi and Greenville to the lake boats on Eerie. Always the new boy at school, always the stranger.”


Will: “Most of the time in sexual assaults, the bite mark has a livid spot at the center, a ‘suck bruise.’ In some cases it does not. For some killers biting may be a fighting pattern as much as a sexual behavior.

From Red Dragon, Chapter 3
"Most of the time in sex assaults the bite mark has a livid spot in the center, a suck mark. These don't. Dr. Princi mentioned it in his autopsy report, and I saw it at the morgue. No suck marks. For him biting may be a fighting pattern as much as sexual behaviour."


Beverly: “Ever heard of Willard Wigan? He’s this artist that does micro sculptures, like putting the Obamas in the eye of a needle.”

Willard Wigan, MBE (born 1957) is an English micro-sculptor from Birmingham. His sculptures are typically placed in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin.


Hannibal: “Has Christmas come early? Or late?”
Will: “It was for Abigail.”
Hannibal: “Was?”
Will: “I thought better of it. I wasn’t thinking straight. I was… I was upset when I bought it. Maybe still am.”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 36
In the window of a jewelry store he saw a delicate antique gold bracelet. It cost him most of his paycheck. He had it wrapped and stamped for mailing. Only when he was sure he was alone at the mail drop did he address it to Molly in Oregon. Graham did not realize, as Molly did, that he gave presents when he was angry.


Hannibal: “Have you ever tried Psilocybin?”

Is this the start of Hannibal’s attempt to convert Abigail into Mischa?


Will: “Capture-bonding. A passive psychological response to a new master has been an essential survival tool for a million years.”

Capture-bonding is also known as Stockholm syndrome, the FBI's Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 27% of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.


Abigail drops the teacup.

The teacup metaphor first appears in Hannibal, Chapter 73:
Dr Lecter was watching a film called A Brief History of Time, about the great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and his work. He had watched it many times before. This was his favorite part, where the teacup falls off the table and smashes on the floor.

Of course, the teacup metaphor is expanded upon greatly and is applied to Hannibal’s love for his long-gone sister Mischa. The show Hannibal explores this later in relation to Abigail.


Bursting with love.

A common phrase found throughout Red Dragon, referring to sexual tension implied between Francis Dolarhyde and his victims, including his mother figures.

All Annotations of "Œufs" written by Damian Gordon, with the exception of the RED ANNOTATIONS which are contributed by Joshwa Walton.

Revised by Joshwa Walton 2015.


  1. Episode Oeuf:
    Hannibal: "Has Christmas come early... or late?" (noticing the gift in Will's bag)
    Will: "It was for Abigail."
    Hannibal "Was?"
    Will: "I thought better of it. Wasn't thinking straight... I was upset when I bought it. Maybe I still am."

    In Red Dragon, Will Graham bought Molly a golden bracelet. When he did, he was upset. It is stated in the book that Will bought (her) presents when upset. Something he hadn't noticed yet, but Molly had.

    1. Thank you for the tip! Sorry it took so long for us to update that on here!

  2. Mind altering drugs and the image of a broken cup plays a part in Hannibal. Hannibal was using drugs on Clarice 'to make room for Mischa's return'. The image of a broken cup was used to illustrate his belief that someday a cup will perhaps come together, someday Mischa would be returned to him. In Oeuf Hannibal also gives a young woman mind altering drugs, but when she drops her tea cup, it breaks. Hannibal cleans it up, it doesn't come back together on its own.

    1. Also, the way Hannibal takes Abigail's head in his hands while she's under the drugs effects, to be her guide, is reminiscent to the way he took Clarice's head in his hands when he'd given her the drugs, to be her 'guide' while she was coming to terms with her father's death.

    2. Thank you for your awesome finds! The teacup ended up playing a very significant role in the show! You saw it before anyone. Thanks, Fannibal.

  3. In Oeuf, Will explains the mother wants the 'Lost Boys' to be bursting with love for her. In Red Dragon, Dolarhyde has similar feelings of 'bursting with love' for his grandmother and his victims.

    1. Sorry it took so long to get that on there! It's been updated, as well as some of the others! We're working on updating and continuing with the rest. Thank you for your find!