Monday, April 1, 2013

Reuters: Hannibal Lecter dishes up liver, suspense in new TV series by Jill Serjeant

"As somebody who had read the books and was really a student of Thomas Harris, I felt there were definitely aspects of the literature that had not been explored," creator and executive producer Bryan Fuller told Reuters.

"There was a great chapter of Hannibal Lecter's life that we haven't seen in any of the movies or any of the books. We have seen him incarcerated and as a young man, and I felt the most interesting part of his life was when he was a practicing psychiatrist and a practicing cannibal and who he was prior to incarceration," Fuller added.

"I didn't feel beholden to how he was seen in the films ... I knew this Lecter had to be sexy, had to have a sensuality to him, because he is a man who appreciates beauty," Fuller said.

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