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Hannibal Annotations – Amuse-Bouche

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Will: “Abigail Hobbs is a suspect?”

Unnamed in Red Dragon she may have been named for her real-life namesake Abigail Hobbs. Like her more well-known contemporary, Abigail Williams, the real Hobbs was involved in the 1690s Salem witch trials where she was both accused of witchcraft and accused others of it.


The other headlines on Tattlecrime.com are:
“Man Spent Two Days Underneath Mobile Home Spying On Woman”, “346-Pound Floridian Punched Pizza Deliveryman "Because He Forgot The Garlic””, “High School Coach Had Cheerleaders Strip At Team Sleepover”, “Secret Service Arrests Charlotte Man For Twitter Death Threats Against The US President” which are all actual headlines, or slightly altered headlines, from thesmokinggun.com

From Red Dragon, Chapter 11
“Eileen was reading a National Tattler article called "Filth in Your Bread!" when Dolarhyde came into the cafeteria. She had eaten only the filling in her tuna-salad sandwich. Behind the red goggles Dolarhyde's eyes zigged down the front page of the Tattler. Cover lines in addition to "Filth in Your Bread!" included "Elvis at Secret Love Retreat -Exclusive Pix!!" "Stunning Breakthrough for Cancer Victims!" and the big banner line "Hannibal the Cannibal Helps Lawmen - Cops Consult Fiend in 'Tooth Fairy' Murders."”


Will: “I used to work Homicide.”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 11
“The Tattler learned that before his federal service, Graham was in the homicide division of the New Orleans police department, a post he left to attend graduate school in forensics at George Washington University.”


Will: “What's that?”
Hannibal: “Your psychological evaluation. You are totally functional and more or less sane. Well done.”

Bryan Fuller tweeted the complete psychological evaluation:


Mushroom Field

According to a Twitter posting by Bryan Fuller the mushroom field was inspired by 1980 horror comedy “Motel Hell”.

there also may be a reference to the 1995 thriller "Se7en" in the scene where Will discovers one of the victims is alive.


Beverly: “I suggested one of those clackin' swingin' ball things.”

Might be a reference to Clackers (aka Ker-Bangers) which are a toy which was first popular in the late 1960s in America, consisting of two plastic spheres suspended on string which were swung up and down so they bang against together, making a clacking sound.


Beverly: “You're a Weaver. I took you for an isosceles guy.”
Will: “I have a rotator cuff issue so I have to use the Weaver stance.”

From Red Dragon, Chapter 11
“They were only using a .22-caliber revolver but he was teaching the woman combat shooting from the Weaver stance, left foot slightly forward, a good two-handed grip on the revolver with isometric tension in the arms.”


Freddie: “Excuse me; I'm one of the parents of the explorers who found the bodies.”

This is a typical Freddie move using Pretexting or Social Engineering to get more   information from official sources – in Red Dragon Freddy pretends to be a friend of the "Tooth Fairy" killer to get more information over the phone from Will Graham and the FBI.


Hannibal: “Delete the conversations you recorded. Doctor-patient confidentiality works both ways.” “Delete it, please.” “You've been terribly rude, Miss Lounds. What's to be done about that?”

In the context of what occurs in the rest of the episode, one of two things occurred here, either Freddie did not delete these recordings or Hannibal may have fed Freddie even more information about Will to further destabilise him. One way or another, her article “It takes one to know one” did cause Will significant distress later in this episode.


Jack: “There was this meal she used to prepare. She liked to call it "oriental noodles". Spaghetti, soy sauce, bouillon cubes, and spam. I was raised thin as a youngster.”

On Twitter Bryan Fuller revealed that this is in fact his own mother’s recipe. The man is a hero.


Hannibal: “Well, next time, bring your wife. I'd love to have you both for dinner.”

Very, very funny.


Jack: “If you're asking me whether or not I've ever lost someone in the field, the answer is yes. Why?”

We may see at least one example of this in a forthcoming episode “Entrée” which details FBI trainee Miriam Lass’ investigation of the Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal may be attempting to check how much she uncovered.


Gretchen: “I'm picking up a prescription for Gretchen Speck.”
Eldon Stammets: “Gretchen Speck...Horowitz.”
Gretchen: “Oh, it's just Speck. We're divorced. I lost the hyphen, kept the ring.”

Chelan Simmons has already portrayed Gretchen Speck in two episodes of Bryan Fuller’s Wonderfalls (Wax Lion and Pink Flamingos). This places Hannibal in the wider “Fullerverse.”


Jack: “Which one of you is Eldon Stammets?”

Eldon Stammets may have been named for Paul Stamets, an American mycologist and author.


Freddie: “Not to mention the rivalry of who gets the collar. A local police detective looking for a pissing contest with the FBI might have some insight.”
Jack: “You know, the unfortunate timing of your article allowed a murderer to escape.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 3
Commissioner Lewis “...the last thing we need is to start a pissing contest with the FBI. Let's get on with it."
Jack: "I just want to clear the air, Chief. Years ago there was a lot of rivalry about who got the collar. Each side, federal and local, held out on the other. It made a gap that crooks slipped through.“


Zeller: “You used me.”

Well I guess that explains where Freddie gets some of her information from. Bryan Fuller tweeted that a bedroom scene between Zeller and Freddie was filmed but not used.


Alana: "He and the Grandmother discussed better times. The old lady said that in her opinion, Europe was entirely to blame for the way things were now. She said...”
Will: “What are you reading?”
Alana: “Flannery O'Connor. When I was Abigail's age, I was obsessed. I even tried to raise peacocks because she raised peacocks. But... they were really stupid birds.

Alana is reading “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, one of Flannery O'Connor’s most well-known short stories concerning a family’s encounter with a dangerous escaped convict.

Flannery O'Connor did indeed raise 100 peacocks in her 20s, and wrote frequently about peacocks.

Alana assessment of peacocks is harsh; particularly considering the network Hannibal is being broadcast on.


Freddie: “I can help you get work outside the force, if you want me to. I know people in private security.”
Pascal: “Not the first cop you got fired.”
Freddie: “Guarantee you it pays better. Right now, future you is thanking me.”

Freddie has an interesting relationship with the police, apparently she has a history of getting policemen fired and getting them more well-paid jobs, but also as shown in “Red Dragon” Freddy has a long-standing cordial relationship with some policemen like Sergeant Stanley Riddle.


Will: “I should've stuck to fixing boat motors in Louisiana.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 36
“Graham had been a poor child, following his father from the boatyards in Biloxi and Greenville to the lake boats on Erie.”


Hannibal: “It wasn't the act of killing Hobbs that got you down, was it? Did you really feel so bad because killing him felt so good?”
Will: “I liked killing Hobbs.”
Hannibal: “Killing must feel good to God too...he does it all the time. And are we not created in his image?”
Will: “That depends who you ask.”
Hannibal: “God's terrific. He dropped a church roof on thirty-four of his worshippers last Wednesday night in Texas, while they sang a hymn.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 36
“I want to help you, Will, and I'd like to start by asking you this: When you were so depressed after you shot Mr. Garrett Jacob Hobbs to death, it wasn't the act that got you down, was it? Really, didn't you feel so bad because killing him felt so good?
Think about it, but don't worry about it. Why shouldn't it feel good? It must feel good to God - He does it all the time, and are we not made in His image?
You may have noticed in the paper yesterday, God dropped a church roof on thirty-four of His worshipers in Texas Wednesday night - just as they were grovelling through a hymn. Don't you think that felt good? Thirty-four. He'd let you have Hobbs.”

All Annotations of "Amuse-Bouche" written by Damian Gordon, with the exception of the RED ANNOTATIONS which are contributed by Joshwa Walton.

Revised by Joshwa Walton 2015.

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