Sunday, May 5, 2013

DenOfGeek: Bryan Fuller interview by Louisa Mellor

Some highlights below from an excellent interview by Louisa Mellor here:
Still as a series?

As a series. There’s much more of the fantastical that I wanted to include in the show that I wasn’t able to do because I left after four episodes to go and do Wonderfalls. I would also love to revisit Wonderfalls, that’s why I have Gretchen Speck-Horowitz (Chelan Simmons) in an episode of Hannibal because it is a form of mourning I think, kind of not wanting to let those things go.

Recasting the same actors you mean?


Do you think that’s why Joss Whedon does it?

I think he probably just loves the actors. I love the actors too, but there is something kind of fun about hiring Chelan Simmons to play the same character with the same name from Wonderfalls, and hiring Ellen Muth to play the same character - she plays a character named Georgia Madchen in Hannibal and she was Georgia Lass in Dead Like Me. Both Madchen and Lass mean ‘girl’ so she’s kind of the same character in both. It’s a re-examination of the character and also a re-examination of that work, and also a way to keep it alive in some way.

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