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Hannibal Annotations – Apéritif


A Note on the Episode Title

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00:00 - 04:00

The Marlowe Murders

On Twitter Bryan Fuller has stated that The Marlowe Murders are actually the first murders committed by Francis Dolarhyde, aka, the Red Dragon.


Rewinding the Murder

From Red Dragon Chapter 2 “Now, with the advantage of the autopsy and lab reports, Will Graham began to see how it happened”


Silver Pendulum effect

From Red Dragon Chapter 2 "The two-story brick home was set back from the street on a wooded lot. Graham stood under the trees for a long time looking at it. He tried to be still inside. In his mind a silver pendulum swung in darkness. He waited until the pendulum was still."


Will Lecturing

From Red Dragon Chapter 11 "The Tattler has learned that Graham, former instructor in forensics at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va."


Will: "You have Heimlich at Harvard and Bloom at Georgetown."

From Red Dragon Chapter 1 "You'd have Heimlich at Harvard, Bloom at the University of Chicago-"


Will: "They do the same thing I do."
Jack: "That's not exactly true, is it? You have a very specific way of thinking about things."
Will: "Has there been a lot of discussion about the, uh, specific way I think"
Jack: "You make jumps you can't explain, Will."
Will: "No, no. The evidence explains."
Jack: "Then help me find some evidence."

From Red Dragon Chapter 1
"How? By doing the same things you and the rest of them are doing."
"That's not entirely true, Will. It's the way you think."
"I think there's been a lot of bullshit about the way I think."
"You made some jumps you never explained."
"The evidence was there," Graham said.
"Sure. Sure there was. Plenty of it - afterward."


Will: "How's your cat?"

In Red Dragon the Jacobis' cat was killed by The Tooth Fairy.


Beverly Katz: "You wrote the standard monograph on time of death by insect activity."

In Red Dragon Chapter 14
"You're reading Tedeschi."
"Yes," Zeller said over his shoulder. "We don't do any forensic medicine here, as you know, but Tedeschi has a lot of useful things in there. Graham. Will Graham. You wrote the standard monograph on determining time of death by insect activity, didn't you. Or do I have the right Graham?"
"I did it." A pause. "You're right, Mant and Nuorteva in the Tedeschi are better on insects."
Zeller was surprised to hear his thought spoken. "Well, it does have more pictures and a table of invasion waves. No offense."
"Of course not. They're better. I told them so."

12:10 - 12:20

Beverly Katz: "You, uh, not real FBI?"
Will: "I'm a special investigator."
Beverly Katz: "Never been an FBI agent?"
Will: "Um... strict...screening procedures."
Beverly Katz: "Detects instability...You unstable?"

From Red Dragon Chapter 11 "Graham has never been an FBI agent. Veteran observers attribute this to the Bureau's strict screening procedures, designed to detect instability. Federal sources would reveal only that Graham originally worked in the FBI crime laboratory and was assigned teaching duties at the FBI Academy after outstanding work both in the laboratory and in the field, where he served as a "special investigator.""

13:35 - 14:35

Bringing Winston Home

From Red Dragon Chapter 1 “Three remarkably ugly dogs wandered up and flopped to the ground around the table. " My God," Crawford said. "These are probably dogs," Graham explained. "People dump small ones here all the time. I can give away the cute ones. The rest stay around and get to be big ones."”

15:10 - 15:30

Will's Dream

From Red Dragon Chapter 2 "He woke in an hour, rigid and sweating, seeing the other pillow silhouetted against the bathroom light and it was Mrs. Leeds lying beside him bitten and torn, mirrored eyes and blood like the legs of spectacles over her temples and ears. He could not turn his head to face her. Brain screaming like a smoke alarm, he put his hand over there and touched dry cloth."

16:00 - 17:55

Red FBI bathroom

The bathroom is modelled on a bathroom in The Shining. In an interview with Bryan Fuller, he says "I’ve been wanting to do the bathroom set forever. I tried to do it several times on Pushing Daisies but we always had budget restrictions and I wanted it to be exactly like that bathroom. Every show I’ve done I wanted to build a bathroom that looked like that space. What’s so remarkable about it is it’s a purely psychological space. You were inside this secret corner of Jack Torrance’s mind where the ghost of Overlook’s past has cornered him and is having a conversation about killing his family. It’s almost like a fantasy bathroom that actually doesn’t exist in reality because it’s anachronistic to the rest of the ballroom — it’s such a stark juxtaposition to everything else that we’re seeing at the hotel. It’s like they dipped the entire set in blood. Like it’s some symbolic weapon that hadn’t entirely penetrated the victim. That impressed me the most and had the biggest impression on me. I understood watching it as a 10 year old that this was psychological storytelling. He wasn’t concerned what was real or what was not real."


Dr. Bloom: "What do you think one of Will's strongest drives is?”
Jack: “Fear. Will Graham deals with huge amounts of fear. It comes with his imagination. “
Dr. Bloom: "It's the price of imagination.”
Jack: “Alana, I wouldn't put him out there if I didn't think I could cover him. Alright, if I didn't think I could cover him eighty percent.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 17
Dr. Bloom said. “What you’re asking from Graham. I don’t want you to misinterpret this, and normally I wouldn’t say it, but you ought to know: what do you think one of Will’s strongest drives is?”
Crawford shook his head. “It’s fear, Jack. The man deals with a huge amount of fear.” “Because he got hurt?”
“No, not entirely. Fear comes with imagination, it’s a penalty, it’s the price of imagination.”
Crawford stared at his blunt hands folded on his stomach. He reddened. It was embarrassing to talk about it. “Sure. It’s what you don’t ever mention on the big boys’ side of the playground, right? Don’t worry about telling me he’s afraid. I won’t think he’s not a ‘stand-up guy.’ I’m not a total asshole, Doctor.”
“I never thought you were, Jack.”
“I wouldn’t put him out there if I couldn’t cover him. Okay, if I couldn’t cover him eighty percent.

18:00 - 18:15

Beverly examines the dress

From Red Dragon Chapter 13
"Crawford spotted Beverly Katz through the window of an examining room as he wove his way between the boxes. She had a pair of child's coveralls suspended from a hanger over a table covered with white paper. Working under bright lights in the draft-free room, she brushed the coveralls with a metal spatula, carefully working with the wale and across it, with the nap and against it. A sprinkle of dirt and sand fell to the paper. With it, falling through the still air more slowly than sand but faster than lint, came a tightly coiled hair. She cocked her head and looked at it with her bright robin's eye."


Beverly says "I got ya."

From Red Dragon Chapter 13 "Crawford could see her lips moving. He knew what she was saying."Gotcha." That's what she always said"


Jack: "Graham likes you. He doesn't think you'll run any mind games on him."
Dr. Bloom: "I don't. I'm as honest with him as I'd be with a patient."
Jack: "You've been observing him while you've been guest-lecturing here at the academy, yes?"
Dr. Bloom: "I've never been in a room alone with Will."
Jack: "Why not?"
Dr. Bloom: "Because I want to be his friend, and I am."

From Red Dragon Chapter 3 “Graham liked Dr. Alan Bloom, a small round man with sad eyes, a good forensic psychiatrist - maybe the best. Graham appreciated the fact that Dr. Bloom had never displayed professional interest in him. That was not always the case with psychiatrists.”


JS Bach: Goldberg Variations: “Aria” is playing when we first see Dr. Hannibal Lecter dining at his elegant table in the dark.

This is true to the character; it is very evident that he is, indeed, a Bachian.

The Goldberg Variations feature in The Silence of the Lambs in Chapter 32 (when Lecter requests the music of Senator Martin), and again in Chapter 36 when he kills the guards and makes his insane escape.

It then features in Hannibal Chapter 20-22 when Inspector Pazzi is secretly investigating Dr. Fell due to the suspicion that Dr. Fell is Hannibal Lecter. The Goldberg Variations is then revisited in Chapter 62 when Dr. Lecter decides to get a gift for Clarice.


Hannibal in session with Franklin Froideveaux

In an interview with IGN Bryan Fuller says that Franklin Froideveaux is a proxy for the character of Benjamin Raspail (from The Silence of the Lambs) which NBC do not have the rights to.  Franklin’s first name is derived from Benjamin Franklin and his last name from the fact that Froideveaux is a street that runs parallel to Raspail in Paris.


Jack: "No secretary?"
Hannibal: "She was predisposed to romantic whims. Followed her
heart to the United Kingdom. Sad to see her go."

On Twitter Bryan Fuller confirmed that Hannibal killed his secretary.


Jack: “Well, now I understand
why your drawings earned you an internship at Johns Hopkins.”

From Hannibal Rising Chapter 57
“Dr. Dumas, whose relentless cheer irritated Popil beyond measure, submitted a ringing endorsement of Hannibal, and explained that Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, America, was offering him an internship, after reviewing his illustrations for the new anatomy text.”


As Jack is looking at Hannibal’s drawings, “Wound Man” is glimpsed:

From Red Dragon Chapter 6
"I think it was maybe a week later in the hospital I finally figured it out. It was Wound Man - an illustration they used in a lot of the early medical books like the ones Lecter had. It shows different kinds of battle injuries, all in one figure. I had seen it in a survey course a pathologist was teaching at GWU."


Jack “Yes, but she also showed me, uh, your paper, "Evolutionary..." "Evolutionary Origins of Social Exclusion"?
Hannibal: “Yes.”
Jack: "Very interesting. Very interesting even for a layman."
Hannibal: "A layman?"
Jack: "Yeah."
Hannibal: "So many learned fellows going about in the halls of Behavioral Science at the FBI, and you consider yourself a layman."

From Red Dragon Chapter 7
Will: "Dr. Bloom showed me your article on surgical addiction in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry."
Hannibal: "And?"
"Very interesting, even to a layman."
"A layman . . . layman - layman. Interesting term," Lecter said. "So many learned fellows going about. So many experts on government grants. And you say you're a layman. But it was you who caught me, wasn't it, Will? Do you know how you did it?"


Will: “Tasteless.”
Hannibal: “Do you have trouble with taste?”
Will: “My thoughts are often not tasty.”
Hannibal: “Nor mine. No effective barriers.”
Will: “I build forts.
Hannibal: “Associations come quickly.”
Will: “So do forts.
Hannibal: “I imagine what you see and learn touches everything else in your mind. Your values and decency are present yet shocked at your associations, appalled at your dreams. No forts in the bone arena of your skull for things you love.

From Red Dragon Chapter 2
“Graham had a lot of trouble with taste. Often his thoughts were not tasty. There were no effective partitions in his mind. What he saw and learned touched   everything else he knew. Some of the combinations were hard to live with. But he could not anticipate them, could not block and repress. His learned values of decency and propriety tagged along, shocked at his associations, appalled at his dreams; sorry that in the bone arena of his skull there were no forts for what he loved. His associations came at the speed of light. His value judgments were at the pace of a responsive reading. They could never keep up and direct his thinking.”


Will: “Please, don't psychoanalyze me. You won't like me when I'm psychoanalyzed.”

The pilot and opening narration of The Incredible Hulk (1978-1982) included the phrase "Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."


Hannibal: “What he has is pure empathy. He can assume your point of view, or mine, and maybe some other points of view that scare him. It's an uncomfortable gift,
Jack. Perception's a tool
that's pointed on both ends.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 17
“What he has in addition is pure empathy and projection,” Dr. Bloom said. “He can assume your point of view, or mine – and maybe some other points of view that scare and sicken him. It’s an uncomfortable gift, Jack. Perception’s a tool that’s pointed on both ends.”


Hannibal: “I think I can help good Will see his face.”

Hannibal calls Will “Good Will” which might be a joking reference to the movie “Good Will Hunting” (1997) that features a socially awkward genius.


“Field kabuki”

According to a Twitter posting by Bryan Fuller the body impaled on the antlers in the field was inspired by Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot (1979).


Raven-Feathered Stag

According to a Twitter posting by Bryan Fuller the Black Stag is Will Graham's unconscious, lingering trauma from a raven-pecked girl impaled on a severed stag head.


Hannibal: “I'm very careful about what I put into my body, which means I end up preparing most meals myself. A little protein scramble to start the day. Some eggs, some sausage.”

Are the sausages free range?


Hannibal: “Agent Crawford tells me you have a knack for the monsters.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 1
"All right, Molly. Crawford thinks I have a knack for the monsters. It's like a superstition with him."


Hannibal: “What is it about Garrett Jacob Hobbs you find so peculiar?”
Will: “He left a phone number, no address.”
Hannibal: “And therefore he has something to hide?”
Will: “The others all left addresses. He also missed work for days at a time.”

From Red Dragon Chapter 15
"I was taking a look at a lot of steamfitters, plumbers and people. It took a long time. Hobbs had left this resignation letter at a construction job I was checking. I saw it and it was . . . peculiar.”


Will confronts Garrett Jacob Hobbs

From Red Dragon Chapter 15
Will: "I was going up the stairs in Hobbs's apartment house. A uniformed officer was with me. Hobbs must have seen us coming. I was halfway up to his landing when he shoved his wife out the door and she came falling down the stairs dead."
Willy: "He had killed her?"
Will: "Yeah. So I asked the officer I was with to call for SWAT, to get some help. But then I could hear kids in there and some screaming. I wanted to wait, but I couldn't."
Willy: "You went in the apartment?"
Will "I did. Hobbs had caught this girl from behind and he had a knife. He was cutting her with it. And I shot him."
Willy: "Did the girl die?"
Will "No."
Willy: "She got all right?"
Will "After a while, yes. She's all right now.


Alana: “...biting in lesser assaults and bar fights, child abuse. Emergency room personnel may be very helpful that way. If they have any memories of bad bites, no matter who was bitten”

This is a reference to Francis Dolarhyde, the Red Dragon.

From Red Dragon Chapter 3
Will: "He may have a history of biting in lesser assaults - bar fights or child abuse. The biggest help we'll have on that will come from emergency-room personnel and the child-welfare people. Any bad bite they can remember is worth checking, regardless of who was bitten or how they said it happened. That's all I have."

All Annotations of "Apéritif" written by Damian Gordon, with the exception of the RED ANNOTATIONS which are contributed by Joshwa Walton.

Revised by Joshwa Walton 2015.

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