Thursday, April 4, 2013

Molly Foster Graham in Season 3

IGN: I’m very intrigued by the portrayal of Will Graham, another person who’s been played by a couple of great actors in the past. Here, obviously a big difference between previous versions is that we are seeing much more of Will’s career before anything happens with actually catching Hannibal. In Red Dragon, he's married, but here, he’s very much a loner. You’ve got this very intriguing thing where he talks about where he is "on the spectrum" and the fact that he really has some problems with interpersonal relationships. How did that come to you?

Fuller: Well, we were looking at our timeline and saying, “Season 4 is Red Dragon”, so where Will is psychologically in terms of his confidence and approach to solving these crimes? We would see Molly in Season 3, and that’s when we would introduce that character. Also, how Will Graham got to be in a relationship based on his idiosyncrasies, that would be part of the story that we’re telling with him, as going from a man who is on the outside looking in at the human condition -- because he is so vulnerable and sensitive to other people that he has to protect himself from that.

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