Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ShockTillYouDrop Review of the first five episodes of Hannibal by Paul Doro

"While Fishburne and Mikkelsen are very good, Dancy is the star, both literally and in terms of performance quality. He does an outstanding job of subtlety conveying how painful human interaction is for him, and despite being abrasive and unpleasant, you are always in his corner and really feel for the guy. His gift, which is so useful and important, causes him enormous anguish. He also has a wicked sense of humor, generating a few much-needed laughs amid all the darkness."

AWESOME, this is great news, having seen Hugh Dancy in several roles in the past, I know he is a magnificent actor. For Season 4 ("Red Dragon") a very subtle performance is required. I've read the book "Red Dragon" many, many times over the past twenty years, and for me the emotional heart of the book is the small scene where Will Graham is explaining to his stepson, Willy, why he had to spend time in hospital after shooting Garrett Hobbs. I know Hugh Dancy has the skill and craft to give the performance required for that scene and for the character of Will.


  1. I particularly like the scene in Manhunter where Graham has the revelation about how Dollarhyde selects his victims, while watching the victim families' home videos, and I hope Dancy does at least a good a job on this as William Petersen did (my own opinion is that Petersen did a better job than Edward Norton.)

  2. As a fan of the novels and the films, I have been encouraged by the reviews so far--all favorable--as well as by an interview with Mads Mikkelsen in which he states that Lecter has "his own morality" and that he "eats the rude." Nice to see this consistency in the presentation of the character. I wonder if at some point in the television series Will will marry, that perhaps Lecter helps him that much over the course of therapy. It would be nice to see hear Mads deliver the line "How are Josh and the lovely Molly? They're always in my thoughts. . ."