Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red Dragon references

Opening Chapter of "Red Dragon":
Crawford: "That's not entirely true, Will. It's the way you think."
Will: "I think there's been a lot of bullshit about the way I think."
Crawford: "You made some jumps you never explained."
Will: "The evidence was there,"
Crawford: "Sure. Sure there was. Plenty of it - afterward. Before the collar there was so damn little we couldn't get probable cause to go in."

From Chapter 2
[Graham] woke in an hour, rigid and sweating, seeing the other pillow silhouetted against the bathroom light and it was Mrs. Leeds lying beside him bitten and torn, mirrored eyes and blood like the legs of spectacles over her temples and ears. He could not turn his head to face her. Brain screaming like a smoke alarm, he put his hand over there and touched dry cloth.


  1. I'm hoping one of the blog contributors could comment on this: The previews suggest that Dr. Lecter may be the one killing women to "consume them." Let us hope this is a red herring. If it is not, it would destroy the ethos of the character: "Eat the rude."

    1. Many of you Hannibal fans have it wrong.
      Lecter PREFERS. That's a huge word there.
      He PREFERS. To "eat the rude" as you say.
      Hannibal has no moral code.
      If a woman was going to get him caught or got in the way of his goals,
      He would slaughter her.
      Lecter does what he wants,
      And Harris' later attempts to please fans by saying he's an honorable Monster is misguided.
      Lecter is charming. He is fascinating. He is insanely intelligent.
      But he will go after those he wants.
      Remember what Crawford says "Never forget what he is."
      I feel fans try to justify liking Lecter in their minds
      by saying he's a gentleman and is chivalrous,
      when all that has to be said is "Hey, I'm fascinated with this guy who would be legitimately terrifying to "know in private life".
      In a sense it makes Clarice (and I suppose Lady Murasaki)
      More special because he could easily consume them, (and probably had the thought cross his mind a few times)
      But he loves them enough not to.

  2. You may be right. We'll need to see how they play out the character. I was hoping the show would keep the basic "kill list" of the Ripper as described in the novels.

    1. Oh, absolutely! I apologize heavily if I came on too strong. I just want justice to the characters as much as you do. I saw the Wounded Man in one of the promos so it looks like it should be