Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook: Brian Reitzell composes for pilot

It's all about the music this week. We've been in the sound studio in Los Angeles prepping episode 1 of Hannibal. For those interested in "behind the scenes" details, this photo shows composer Brian Reitzell conducting the music mix. The music, just like the food, is a crucial component to telling Hannibal's story. Executive Producer Bryan Fuller and Director David Slade were on hand to ensure that the music fits the tone and mood of the show. No detail has been overlooked. 

Director David Slade is shown giving his input on the music for Hannibal Episode 1. Although we can't reveal anything here, keep in mind that David included sia, Muse, Florence and the Machine and The Black Keys (among others) on the soundtrack for Twilight Eclipse, so HANNIBAL is in good musical hands.

Show runner and Executive Producer Bryan Fuller knows that the right music is crucial to storytelling. Despite being one of the busiest men in show business, Bryan is shown here overseeing the sound mixing for Hannibal Episode 1. All we can say now is that you're in store for something special when the show airs.

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