Friday, August 17, 2012 Bryan Fuller Interview

Hannibal will be set prior to the events of Harris’ Red Dragon.
In Red Dragon,” Bryan Fuller offers as example, “there’s five pages or so of back story where Will Graham says, ‘These are the things that happened to me in my past and this is my kind of confluence with Hannibal Lecter.’ We took those events and those references and made them a whole series. We know from the book that Will Graham was psychologically incapacitated when he captured a serial killer known as the Minnesota Shrike, Garrett Jacob Hobbs. That’s all we knew. So we got to craft what kind of killer Garrett Jacob Hobbs was, how that would have the impact on Will Graham and how that would bring Hannibal Lecter into the story in an organic way. So it’s about finding these great tent poles that exist in the book.
There are scenes in the pilot that I lifted right from Red Dragon and put in there, so it was, like, ‘Thank you, Thomas Harris.’ It was also to make sure that his DNA was in the show in a genuine, authentic and respectful way.

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